Wanna get in shape? Low-impact exercises

Spin Class

Recovering from an injury, especially one that occurred to any of the bones, muscles or joints in your legs can be tricky. On the one hand, you do not want to add any additional strain on parts of your body that are still healing or are quick to become reinjured, and on the other, you do not want to gain any extra weight due to much time spent sitting back and recuperating. The extra weight gain might exacerbate any existing problems, and may result in your putting more strain on the injured areas of your body, thus making everything worse.

Although all of these low impact exercises listed below require the use of your legs, if things become painful during a workout, you can always switch to sitting on a weight bench and lifting weights. This is a great low impact exercise that will add definition to your arm muscles, as well as help you stay in shape.


Whether taught in a class by a certified yoga instructor or done at home to a workout video, yoga is a low impact exercise that emphasizes breathing techniques and stretching, while also providing a time and place for meditation. The first two give you a good whole-body workout, while the latter can help you relax, which in turn may help you heal more quickly.


This low impact workout can be done outdoors on a standard bicycle, or indoors in an exercise bike. Although cycling classes are available, they may be too much for someone who is recovering from an injury, as they involve different speeds – sometimes a series of very fast ones.


Walking is a low impact activity that can be done anywhere. You can walk around the inside of your house, you can walk on a treadmill, or you can walk around outdoors. All of these give your multiple possibilities to work out while you are recovering from an injury, without forcing you to move too quickly.

Swimming or water aerobics

Although it helps if you know how to swim, water aerobics can be done as long as you can keep yourself afloat. Swimming itself is the ultimate low impact activity, since it does not require touching the ground. In both cases, the water provides some resistance, and you will receive quite a workout while being able to move at your own pace.

Elliptical machines

An elliptical machine combines arm movements with a stair stepping device, making this an excellent whole-body exercise. The machine makes it possible for you to set your own pace and amount of resistance, so that you are able to stay within your own comfort and fitness zones.

In order to avoid all of this from happening, the best thing that you can do is a series of low impact exercises. These movements will not put any extra strain on your body, and, when combined with a healthy diet that is low in sugary junk food and high in leafy greens and low-fat meats, will keep you from gaining weight. Low impact exercises may also help you recover from your injuries more quickly, as they increase the blood flow to the hurt areas of your body.

There are many low impact exercises that are great for people who are recovering from injury, as well as those who have chronic joint problems or nagging health issues. In order to stay healthy or recover more quickly, doing one or more of these exercises on a daily basis is not only a great idea, but is recommended by physicians everywhere.

Terry Wood, a health insurance expert with USInsuranceNet.com submitted this article to share her tips for a healthy life and quick recovery from injury.

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